Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of targeting a particular set of audience and has traffic on your website or content. Search engine optimization is what will provide you with anything that you need while indulging in promoting your services and products on your website.

SEO us search engine optimization that decides the quality and quantity of the traffic on your content. One can attract several users to his site, and that is possible only because the search engine Google helps you to do so. The more your content is SEO friendly; the more chances are that your site is shown in the top searches by Google.


The search engine optimization works by making sure that the keywords that you used are the ones that are relevant and often used by the users. Based on various factors, the SEO makes your website appear on the top search ranks, and in the process, the users can see your work among the top searches. The SEO is responsible for getting your audience in masses.
Massman Cybergeeks, which is the leading SEO Company in India and Dubai, offers world-class SEO services to its global clients. We have a team of SEO professionals who know every aspect of SEO latest trends.

Let’s go through the objectives and details of SEO:

Our SEO Working Steps:

There are simple steps for you to follow and make your site SEO friendly.

The on-site basics should be known. These include title tags, meta- descriptions, header tags, and internal links. These are the basics that you should be known before starting the SEO as they will help you in doing search engine optimization in a better way.

Content focus. Content is what is the most important thing for both the users and the search engine as well. The more content is there on your site; the more users will keep sticking to your work. The content quality should be well taken care of as it reflects your work, and the traffic depends on the content only.

Then comes, off-site optimization. This is also called link building. The sole purpose of link building is to make other websites come and link to yours. There are three kinds of link building or the techniques of link building. They are white hat, black hat, and organic links.

Google+ can be of great help in the matter of rankings. You can create social profiles for the links when you want to dominate and focus on Google itself. Google helps you in getting a better rank in the searches.

Then comes, the step where you analyze the results. You keep an eye on the results of your work, and if it is good, then you continue working in the same manner. In case the strategy doesn’t work, then you can change it and go for other options as well.

Our SEO Packages:

ON Page Optimization SILVER 12 Keywords GOLD 25 Keywords PLATINUM 40 Keywords+

Website Page Load Optimization

Header Tags Optimization

HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization

Internal link structuring & optimization

Robots.txt Creation/Analysis

Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

Title & Meta Tags Optimization

Page Speed Optimization Analysis

Sitemap Creation

Title & Alt Tag

OFF Page Optimization SILVER 12 Keywords GOLD 25 Keywords PLATINUM 40 Keywords+
Search Engine Submission

Article Submission

Press Release Submission

Classified Submission

Business Listing

Profile Creation

Social Bookmarking

Blog Posting

Image Submission

Web2.0 Submission

Google Local Map

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