Tools which we should use with a limited marketing budget in 2021

Tools which we should use with a limited marketing budget in 2021

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As we all know 2020 has been really a tough year for every industry. This pandemic shakes the entire world’s economy. But, even in this pandemic, one thing all businesses learned that; we don’t have to stop our business marketing and promotion even when we are lack resources. We need to push hard to enhance brand awareness. 

If your business or company has a small marketing budget to work in the upcoming 2021 then you need to be very precise on your marketing strategies. You should design your marketing strategies as per the current market situation. 

Below we offer insight that how you can get the best from your limited marketing budget:

It is important to choose your ideal social media platforms to promote your business and always focus on them.

Marketers love to explore social media platforms to boost brand awareness. Instagram and Pinterest are growing worldwide and many brands are using it to establish a strong digital and social appearance. So before you start thinking about the ideal social media platform for your business, take a deep breath and step back. 

Before your start spending your money and resources into one new and unpredictable marketing area, then at least ask yourself once that do you really need your business to be in social media and if your brand suits all the available social media platforms. 

But it is great if your business will be present on all platforms. This will help your brand to target your ideal customers that help your business to gain proper engagement, leads and conversions.

You should check which social media platforms work best for your business. You need to focus your time and money on a result-oriented social media strategy that will enhance foot-falls to your business and get more conversions. 

For example- Suppose if your Facebook page and Instagram page provide you the best potential leads then you should focus on spending your marketing money and resources as these pages are offering your reasonable return on your investment.

In this blog, we, one of the leading Media Companies in Dubai is not going to advise you on which social media platform will be perfect for your brand or business because it is entirely dependent upon your industry and your target market. But even if we try, we will address that all the B2C companies choose Instagram and Facebook and all the B2B companies go for LinkedIn and Twitter for brand awareness and better ROI.  

Lead Generation with Facebook

Facebook is a well-known social media platform that offers a lead-based paid advertising campaign feature to their clients which are also known as Facebook Lead Ads. This paid feature help facebook users or clients to get the information and potential leads with ultimate targeting without leaving the social media platform. In this ad campaign, there are lots of options that help you to collect data from any individuals who connect with your marketing content. Due to this amazing feature, Facebook itself removes any unnecessary complications and lowers the acquisition costs. This will make your user experience great and help drive potential leads to your business. 

Lead Generation with Instagram

Instagram is not only about adding a pretty post to your page with some fancy hashtags. You can also run lead generation campaigns on your Instagram page and can get potential leads. But this can be done in conjunction with the Facebook lead generation ads. You need to create a Facebook page that should be linked to your Instagram business profile to starting using the Instagram lead generation feature. 

Lead Generation with LinkedIn

Sometimes, LinkedIn is ignored when it comes to generating leads to earn any ROI. But, it is also an ideal platform that is useful for digital marketing and lead generation – especially for B2B marketing. Apart from other social media platforms, LinkedIn can help you to target audiences on a deeper and more precise level. It offers you to play through geographic location, current company, past company, non-profit interests, industry, profile language and many more. This is the reason why LinkedIn is represented as the medium to target the communications that allow for higher conversion rates. 

In LinkedIn, if you are creating content regularly then there will be varieties of scope for you to explore your business. But there are also various tools that you can use to generate quality leads and take advantage to reach your business goals. LinkedIn content or postings are one of the most effective ways to generate new and high-quality connections and leads. It will also help you to enhance your brand awareness and business reach. It also provides you tools that will help you to track your lead conversion rate through the mail and paid campaigns. It makes the process smoother and more efficient. So, LinkedIn marketing with the right strategy will help you generate potential leads that result in massive ROI.

Lead Generation through Email Marketing

Business marketing via email is the best way to save money and time. Email Marketing has the power to convert leads into potential customers. Many businesses think that email marketing is not enough to get proper leads but if your marketing budget is limited then email marketing will be your savior. It is not only pocket-friendly but also effective. If you have correct tactics and have exact knowledge of your target audience then email marketing can become the most powerful for your business.

Content Marketing is also necessary!

As a global knowing and popular phrase that “Content is King” and if any business needs that their business marketing campaigns should get proper engagement and success then they need to invest in high-quality. Content will help you to engage the targeted customers in the best possible way to your business or services or products. 

If you are developing creative, informative and high-quality content then we can say that you are one your way to build a successful marketing campaign. Without proper content, your marketing strategies will fall. You must invest your time and money in content to establish your brand as an industry leader. Content will help you to build audience trust and get you the best leads.